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My user name comes from the 10 to 1 wealth paradox in the 21st century which I seeded an article under for discussion.

Neither Democrat Nor Republican. I am an independent doer and thinker. Worked for tech companies since the early 90's and lived through the tech bubble. Travelled and worked in various places around the country and the world.

The 10 Wealthy Men:

One of the greatest issues facing us today is how to distribute wealth in a global economy.

Anger and frustration result in two dominant responses: Get the government to help and tax the rich.

I believe the whole problem is that we think that any government can fix the problem, and that was done by drinking socialist cool aid.

The problem is technology, combined with, and making possible, a world economy.

Tell me your solution as to what government can do with this problem I put forward to you using 100 to 10 as a reference:

These captains of industry, whether they be wealthy barons to start with or even just an honest entrepreneur or a small business owner, say can now do the work of 100 men with 10 men. This is a modern bar set by the rule of production and is -not going to change versus who is doing the work- or what the government says: You are still only going to have 10 men working. Even if this captain is both successful and generous, you will get 10 wealthy men and 90 not working. What are you going to do, tax them all 90% and give it to all the rest just have them sit around? Force them to employ the other 90 to do the same job and blow all efficiency? Even if the government did the captains job it is still constrained by these 100 to 10 rules. The two solutions I just proposed are unacceptable for either the captain or a government, since it just makes everything less efficient and what is worse is that a world economy will not tolerate the inefficiency. Also, someone else in the world can do it willingly without worrying about the other 90 somewhere where they are not, so wherever these 90 men or this government representing them is, they both lose. Finally, why would the 10 do any work at all, why not just join the other 90?And last but not least, the government must employ itself just for administration and existence, even before something useful like a road, or an army, or a school or a social program ever had the rubber hit the road and operate for the benefit of all. So the only thing it can do is get money from the 10 men, leaving even less that could go to the other 90. That is called overhead and inefficiency, and is inherent in all paid government. At the same time, the more people there on earth, the cost of energy, materials and food must rise. Tell me how a government is going to solve this?

wI believe We have passed the hump...there is no way out unless you want progress to go backwards or eliminate the world economy. The population will grow, efficiency will increase, and wealth will be concentrated in fewer and fewer individuals no matter what form of government is in place.

All constructive comments are welcome. Solutions, well thought out ideas and historical references.

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